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What is Nerya ?

Are your prevention plans timem-consuming and   unusable ?

You fail to retain
knowledge operational between two stops?

co-activity on your site is a real headache?

You are aware of the
cost of these malfunctions , but you have never found a solution ?

NERYA gets you out of the dead end. It's his job, it's his know-how!

Nerya offers you software that rationalizes and simplifies your industrial daily life.

One and only language

You speak a specific language: that of your sector. Nerya masters it as well. Its employees know your business and those of your teams, as well as their particularities and constraints. Coming from the same world, we share the same culture.

Collaborative and participatory design 

Beyond their computer skills, NERYA's engineers and technicians know how to unite actors around complex and sometimes conflicting subjects to break deadlocks.

The solutions selected are co-produced and approved by the teams in the field. Users approve and use the applications because they participated in their development.

From analysis to expression of need

Whether your needs are clearly expressed or yet to be formalised, NERYA analyzes them thanks to its knowledge of the trades acquired through the feedback of some three hundred players in the industry.

From this free preliminary collaborative reflection will emerge simple and ergonomic solutions that will guarantee better use of your resources and your time.


The NERYA approach and solutions strengthen coordination and supervision, streamline and simplify procedures. Your services and your partners work better; together they are more efficient and more profitable.


425 Rue René  Descartes Building C

Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3

+33 (0)4 88 80 02 10

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