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Who are we? 

NERYAcreated in 2018, develops innovative software in SaaS for the industry.

Based in Aix-en Provence, Nerya brings together employees throughout France who are proud of their diversity,   in flexible modes adapted to the activity, their personal balance and environmental issues.


Why join us?

The values we share atNERYAand with our customers:

  • Personal development: because we believe in valuing talents, everyone's potential and the importance of achieving their professional aspirations

  • The coevolution team: because we enjoy creating synergy between everyone to succeed as a team

  • Adaptability: because you have to know how to break conventions, give up copying and pasting, constantly find new solutions, always be a pioneer, and show flexibility and innovation

  • Performances: because the pleasure is in perseverance and collaboration with the team and the customers

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